2 CM Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

2 cm outdoor porcelain paving is gaining strength year by year. It has slowly wiped out the use of natural stone like sand stone granite and other stones which were traditionally being used for outdoor paving.Due to its high durability and easy installation and low maintenance world is switching over to outdoor porcelain paving insist of other options available. Décorcera is a leader in outdoor porcelain industry and growing day by day minute by minute ready to serve the industry for the coming many many years.

Heavy Duty R11 Slip Rating

Sizes Available: 60x60, 60x90, 60x120, 80x80, 30x120, 20x120

1 CM Indoor Porcelain Tiles

Sizes Available: 60x60, 60x120, 80x80, 100x100, 120x120, 80x160, 90x180, 120x240

Handmade Reclaimed Bricks & Brick Tiles

Visit Decorcera for an exuberant collection of bricks in various finishes. We are prominent brick manufacturers in India serving a large segment of customers. Whether you are looking for handmade bricks to give an antique look to your home, or thinking of wire-cut bricks for a precision look, we have it all. Our brick manufacturing process encompasses various techniques to give a larger selection to our customers; choose between Hollow Bricks or Perforated Bricks to suit your purpose.

Traditional Handmade Bricks – These bricks are moulded and made by hands using moulds, which are then baked in a kiln to achieve the perfect finish and strength. These offer high heat resistance and withstand any weather.

Extruded Bricks – These bricks are created using a machine to achieve consistent shape and size.

Wire-Cut Bricks – The extruded bricks are cut to precision with a tensioned wire to achieve the perfect shape and size.

Moulded Bricks – Moul ded to perfection in moulds treated with high pressure. Offers greater strength and finish.

Some of our brick products are – Handmade Bricks Range, Machine Made Wire Cut Range, Brick Slips/Facing Tiles (both handmade and machine cut), Other Brick Accessories and Specials

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Why porcelain tiles in India from Decorcera?

Decorcera is a company with over 40+ years of experience in the tile industry offer Porcelain tiles in India as well as Ceramic Tiles. Although specializing in commercial project supply, our tiles maintain a vital interest in creating the desired effect for domestic applications. Aided by direct contact with leading DIY STORES, distributors, and designers, Decorcera can supply the latest in tile designs and trends. Decorcera tiles are continuously updating the range of products available. Offering the complete package, Decorcera caters for all your tiling requirements. from initial design ideas right through to cleaning and maintenance advice and products for your project.

Decorcera prides itself on customer satisfaction, realizing the high importance of all building aspects such as budgets and deadlines, particularly on larger-scale projects. with a majority of our clientele being repeat customers, Decorcera is confident that given the opportunity we will fulfill your requirements above and beyond your expectations.

Quality Ceramic and Porcelain Outdoor Indoor Wall and Floor Tiles

As a prominent Porcelain tile supplier, we offer a varied variety of tiles, whether it is ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles used as wall tiles or floor tiles. Be it digital wall tiles, vitrified tiles or PGVT (polished glazed vitrified tiles) our tiles are famous for their durability, bespoke designs, and artistic appeal. Constant innovation and leading-edge production define our approach and tiles range.



OVER 400 designs in special finishes and textures



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