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They have a very consistent size and shape.


Cut to size after extrusion with a tensioned wire which may leave drag marks.


Moulded by pressure into moulds. Very strong and consistent.


Made by man with hand moulded into moulds. Most ancient method method of making bricks.

Categorized by Use:


Not solid, the holes are less than 25% of the brick volume.


Holes greater than 25% of the brick volume.

Hand Made Bricks

Machine Made Wire Cut Bricks Range

We offer a wide selection of Bricks to suit many applications. We PRODUCE several different colours and textures, with a comprehensive range of buffs, yellows, browns, reds. You can view our classic range below, or contact us directly to discuss our extensive selection in order to match your requirements.


Bricks Slips / Facing Tiles

Handmade Series

Bricks Slips / Facing Tiles

Machine Made Wire Cut Series

Brick Specials and Accessories


Handmade Reclaimed Bricks Manufacturers in INDIA

INDIA’s leading manufacturer and supplier of the finest traditional handmade, wirecut and pressed bricks, we specialise in producing a growing range with a strong focus on regional variations, in metric and imperial sizes.
We use high standards of manufacturing methods, our skilled workers are expert in making high quality bricks in colours and textures, making our bricks perfect for the restoration, renovation and conservation of ancient buildings as well as offering a genuine look for new buildings also.

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Handmade Bricks : Using Old Traditional Skilled Methods

We are a professional in this field and we produce quality with mass production in these bricks. We create the little imperfections that makes each brick unique.

To get a really special product takes real skilled craftsmanship and our workers are skilled and highly experienced to create superior products in the traditional way.
We make our handmade bricks using methods dating back to the old ancient traditions.


Bricks Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process:

1. A dough of roughly shaped clay is thrown by hand into a mould of wood which is dusted by dry sand. The extra clay around the mould is removed by a wire so that the mould takes the shape of the brick. The mould is then placed for drying and then the dough which has shaped in to the form of a brick is taken out.

2. These dried bricks taken out of mould green in colour are stacked in the dry air to further dry completely.

3. These dried green bricks are then stacked by our skilled workers one by one into a coal fired kiln in a controlled temperature.

4. The texture finish and colour of these fired bricks very much depends on the different minerals which are naturally there in the clay and kiln temperatures.

5. Red orange brick contains more Iron. The bricks undergo a spectrum of changes as the temperature of the kiln increases. The bricks will darken from purple to red tone and then to brown tone or greyish, blackish tone at around 1200 C° to 1300 C°.

6. When the firing is completed in the chamber, the bricks are taken out and cooled then they are sorted, graded and packed for shipments all around the world.

We offer a wide selection of Bricks to suit many applications. We PRODUCE several different colours and textures, with a comprehensive range of buffs, yellows, browns, reds. You can view our classic range below, or contact us directly to discuss our extensive selection in order to match your requirements.


Logistical Data Handmade Bricks

DECORCERA is Quality Supplier of clay paving brick pavers to all sectors of the market, from domestic home projects to large major infrastructure schemes. We specialise expertise in brick paving products and focus to supply deliver extensive solutions for all brick paving situations. Colours, textures, sizes, styles.

Clay pavers have for centuries been used to combine practicality with esthetic qualities, providing many years of a quality durable surface in a durable, pleasing, timeless manner. DECORCERA clay paving range will always enhance landscaping, with visible quality and style, in a manner not possible with alternative materials. Our company has taken clay pavers to new levels, by developing completely new formats, finding new ways to merge colour tones, textures, and formats. Design imagination can be expanded beyond preconceptions through the extensive options in clay pavers that we can offer. We cater to many aspects like landscaping products, providing exceptional paving of the highest standard to meet all expectations, with products for gardens, driveways, patios, pathways, pedestrian areas, car parks, landscaping, renovations, restorations, refurbishments, renovations, urban redevelopments, new builds, conservation projects and every situation where hard landscaping is needed.



Our products are manufactured using two natural raw materials, clay and sand, and wherever possible surplus energy and materials are saved and reused. Heat from kilns is transferred to the dryers, rainwater is collected for the clay mixing, and because clay is an inert material, there are no toxic or allergic substances to pollute soil used in the manufacturing process. Our products are designed for all domestic, landscaping and commercial applications, and we are committed to quality and service to offer our customers the perfect solutions to their paving needs.


DECORCERA fire refractory Bricks are refractory fire clay bricks for building your very own wood-fired pizza and bread oven, fireplace, stove, fire pit, barbecue grill, smoker, tandoori oven, and any other high temperature appliance. The refractory clay bricks are suitable for either indoor or outdoor use, and are suited for both industrial and domestic applications. They are also great for kiln linings. Not only do our fire bricks possess a high temperature resistance, they also provide insulation. WE offers insulation bricks, replacement bricks, refractory bricks, and decorative bricks which come in a variety of colours. Additionally we offer acid resistant fire bricks too.

BRICK SLIPS SIZES:  220x70x20 mm  |  228x68x20 mm  |  215x65x20 mm  |  220x70x20 mm

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