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Ceramic Flooring – The Best Way to Allergen-Proof Your Home

If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies, then you know how hard it is to maintain an allergen-free home! While it may seem trivial, allergies make life difficult, especially when you’re sneezing all day and your eyes turn watery. In this guide, Decorcera, the no.1 ceramic tile suppliers in India, explain why ceramic tiles are the best way to allergen-proof your home and keep the dust mites away.

When we speak of allergies, we often assume that the culprits that trigger an allergic reaction live outside our home. But, do you know that your home – especially the flooring – is a breeding ground for allergens? Certain flooring types like carpets harbour dust mites and other allergens. This creates a breeding ground for mould growth, which further aggravates allergies.

Fortunately, ceramic is a great choice for flooring, especially for people suffering from allergies. Continue reading to find out why you should go for ceramic flooring, when you are prone to allergies.

Ceramic – The Flooring Surface Free of Allergens


Ceramic is a type of tile that is made by firing silica and clay at high temperatures. It is 100% allergen-free – meaning it dust mites, dirt and pollen cannot grow on ceramic tiles. These common allergens do not penetrate the flooring, making it easy for you to sweep/mop them away.

On the other hand, flooring materials like carpet hold on to allergens, making them airborne, thereby triggering allergic reactions.

The non-porous surface of ceramic tiles prevents the growth of bacteria, fungi, spores, mould, mildew and other irritants. One of the common reasons for indoor allergic reactions is inhaling mould spores. Inhaling large quantities of mould spores can trigger allergic reactions even in people who aren’t usually prone to allergies.

If you or a family member suffers from bouts of allergic reactions, then you need to ensure that all mould growth is wiped clean from your home. Remove carpets and wallpaper from your home as these two materials provide a conducive environment for mould spores to reproduce. Alternatively, replace your floors and walls with allergen-resistant ceramic tiles.

Tips To Clean Ceramic Tiles to Prevent Allergens

A clean and tidy home is the easiest way to eliminate allergens in your home. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while cleaning your home:

  • Always use a wet/damp cloth to wipe down surfaces.
  • Do not dust/sweep as it lifts allergens into the air and makes them airborne.
  • Airborne allergens stay in the air for hours further triggering allergic reactions.

When it comes to cleaning ceramic tiles, you don’t have to use any special cleaners. Regularly wiping your floors with water and other common household cleaners is sufficient to clean ceramic surfaces and get rid of allergens.

Free Of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are found in several materials like paints and certain flooring materials that we use in our homes. These are chemicals that are emitted as gases. VOCs cause various health issues for both allergic and non-allergic people.

Several studies reveal that VOCs increase the intensity of allergic disorders and cause other breathing troubles like asthma attacks. Another study tracked the presence of VOC in the bedrooms of toddlers and pre-schoolers. The study found that children who breathed in VOCs had higher occurrences of eczema, asthma, stuffy noses and runny noses.

Since, ceramic tiles are manufactured at very high temperatures, they do not have any inorganic contaminants. They do not emit any VOCs, making them a great choice for families with allergy sufferers.

Ceramic Tiles – The Best Flooring Choice to Allergy-proof Your Homes

If you are concerned about the health of your family members, then ceramic tiles are an excellent choice. They help to improve air quality and keep your home free from allergens. Get in touch with Decorcera, the no.1 ceramic tile suppliers in India, to find the best ceramic tiles at the best prices. Download our Catalogue and choose from an extensive range of tiles.

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