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Morbi – The Ceramics Capital of India

Ceramics are an integral part of our daily lives. Crockery, technical and scientific equipment, sanitary ware, tableware, tiles – ceramics are intertwined with our daily lives. India is the second-largest producer of ceramics in the world, and Indian ceramic tiles account for 7% of the total global production.

Besides domestic consumption, ceramics manufactured in India are a massive hit in the global markets and is exported to various countries, including Europe, USA, Middle East and more.

One unique feature of the ceramics industry in India is that it is clustered around a specific region – Morbi in Gujarat. Not just in India, on the global level ceramics industry has grown through a cluster-based approach. Besides Morbi, the other two globally dominant ceramic regions include Foshan in China and Sassuolo in Italy. Here, in today’s article, let’s take a look at how and why Morbi has grown to become the leading ceramics tiles suppliers in India and globally.

Morbi – the Ceramics Hub of India

The Morbi ceramics cluster, home to some of the leading ceramic tile suppliers in Morbi, India, accounts for a whopping 70% of the total ceramics manufactured in India. This significant hub stretches for 10 km along the Dhurva – Morbi highway in Gujarat. Renowned not just in India but worldwide, Morbi stands as a global ceramics powerhouse. As prominent ceramic tile suppliers in Morbi, India, the region is the second biggest ceramics manufacturing area in the world, trailing only behind the famous Foshan cluster in China.

Geographically Ideally Located

Morbi enjoys geographical advantages that make it an excellent ceramics manufacturing hotspot, home to many renowned tile suppliers in Morbi, India. The nearest airport is at Rajkot, which is just 67 km away from the town of Morbi. It’s well connected by road and rail to Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat. Additionally, its easy connectivity to the port towns of Mundra and Kandla positions tile suppliers in Morbi, India, for efficient exports, enhancing their reach to global markets.

The abundance of Raw Materials and Labour

Besides its location, Morbi is blessed by Mother Nature. The region has plenty of raw materials like – clay, quartz, wollastonite, and calcite - that is ideal for the manufacture of different types of ceramics. Besides sourcing local raw materials, the ceramics factories in Morbi source high-grade raw materials from the neighbouring state of Rajasthan as well.

Another huge factor that works in favour of Morbi is the availability of talented and affordable labour. Morbi is the second highest employer in the state of Gujarat, next to Surat – the diamond and crafts capital. Morbin is one of the three TEEs (Town of Export Excellence) in Gujarat. It’s one of the top six TEEs in India where the export turnover crosses 1000 crores INR annually.

An Entrepreneurial Community

Besides these natural factors, the entrepreneurial spirit of the local Patel community has played a crucial role in shaping Morbi as the ceramics capital of India. The Patels, who are significant players among vitrified tile suppliers in Morbi, India, own multiple tile manufacturing factories in the region. They are renowned not only for their entrepreneurial spirit but also for their tightly-knit networks. This community spirit fosters a collaborative environment – sharing labor, logistics, and production knowledge – among vitrified tile suppliers in Morbi, India, helping the community prosper together and solidifying Morbi's status as a key player in the global ceramics industry.

The Growth of Morbi Ceramics over the years

Traditionally, the Morbi region was renowned for Naliya, a specific type of locally produced roof tiles. It was during the mid-80s, which the ceramics boom took off in Morbi. Local entrepreneurs imported tiles manufacturing machines from Spain and Italy and started producing ceramic floor tiles.

Today, the region manufactures a wide range of floor tiles, wall tiles, polished vitrified tiles, glazed vitrified tiles, multi-colour tiles, twin-charged tiles in various sizes ranging from 20 x 30 cm to 120 x 180 cm. Besides, tiles the region is well-known for industrial ceramics, scientific ceramic tools and equipment, tableware and sanitary ware. Morbi uses the latest equipment and technologies imported from the rest of the world.

In recent years, Morbi has evolved as the go-to zone for outsourcing tile manufacturing for the big players in the industry like Somany Ceramics, Kajaria Ceramics and Prism Johnson. One of the prime factors that contribute to the overall growth of the Morbi ceramics cluster is – lower production costs. This is because of the easy availability of talented local labour and affordable raw materials used in ceramics manufacturing.

Besides supplying to the local and domestic markets in India, Morbi is one of the top ceramics exporters in the world.

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FAQ on Tile Trends and Suppliers in Morbi, India

1.Who are the leading porcelain tile suppliers in Morbi, India?

Morbi, known as the ceramic hub of India, boasts a plethora of renowned tile suppliers. Decorcera stands out as one of the leading porcelain tile suppliers in Morbi, India, offering a versatile range of designs that align with the latest trends and home decor preferences.

2. Why is Morbi considered the hub for tile manufacturers in India?

Morbi has carved a niche for itself in the ceramic industry due to its abundant availability of raw materials, advanced manufacturing facilities, skilled artisans, and strategic geographic positioning. As a result, tile manufacturers in Morbi, India, are able to produce high-quality tiles that cater to both domestic and international markets.

3. What differentiates vitrified tiles from regular ceramic tiles?

Vitrified tiles are made by vitrification, a process that combines clay with feldspar and quartz, resulting in a tile that's less porous and more durable than regular ceramic tiles. Many vitrified tile suppliers in Morbi, India, including Decorcera, offer these tiles for their increased strength, stain-resistance, and reduced water absorption.

4. How does Decorcera, as a porcelain tile manufacturer in Morbi, India, ensure the quality of its tiles?

As a leading porcelain tile manufacturer in Morbi, India, Decorcera emphasizes rigorous quality checks, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and the use of high-quality raw materials. Our tiles undergo multiple inspections to ensure they meet global standards of durability, aesthetics, and finish.

5. Are tiles from tile manufacturers in Morbi, India, suitable for international markets?

Absolutely! Tile manufacturers in Morbi, India, not only cater to domestic demand but also have a significant presence in international markets. The tiles produced here meet global standards in terms of quality, design, and durability, making them sought-after by international buyers.

6. Which is more durable: porcelain tiles or vitrified tiles?

Both porcelain and vitrified tiles are renowned for their durability and strength. However, porcelain tiles, due to their manufacturing process, often have a slight edge in terms of water resistance and density. It's essential to choose based on the specific requirements of the installation area, and consulting with a reputed supplier like Decorcera can help in making an informed decision.

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