Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles for New Homes


Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles for New Homes

In the bathroom, tiling has a long history but, here at Decorcera, we have seen a huge increase in the amount of people choosing tiles for kitchens and as flooring around the house and this opens many different doors looking ahead to the future. Today, we want to dig a little deeper to see whether Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles would be right for your new home!

What are Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles?

First and foremost, we should probably discuss the tiles themselves just to avoid confusion. As well as sand and clay, Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles utilise various natural minerals before then being mixed with water. After being shaped somewhat, they are placed in a kiln and this process strengthens the material and binds it together. Sometimes, the manufacturer will glaze after the first kiln and place them back in for a second time.

Benefits of Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

With all the different options in various tile shops these days, why should you choose ceramic for your tiling? Above all else, the material isn't so dense which makes it easier to cut to a particular size or shape. If you plan to do the tiling yourself, this is fantastic news because you don’t quite have this freedom with porcelain. Furthermore, we should also note the price difference since Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles are generally more affordable for those on a stricter budget.

Why it's popular?

With all of this information in mind, where exactly can these tiles be used in your new home? Considering Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles are both durable and strong, many people use them as floor tiles. For those with children or who just want an easy-to-clean surface, Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles are perfect due to the glazing. If we go one step further and look towards the higher-grade glazed tiles, they are also scratch-resistant. Therefore, these tiles are easy to maintain and require very little effort once installed.

After this, Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles can also be used in the kitchen because they can withstand extreme temperatures and they’re resistant to moisture. No matter what season and regardless of what you may splash onto the floor accidentally, these tiles will be forgiving. Finally, Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles are resistant to water which makes them useful as bathroom tiles too. As you can see, these tiles have a number of advantages but the biggest of them all is versatility and this is why more people are using them around the home than ever before.

Compared to porcelain tiles, Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles are less dense and more porous which means they shouldn't really be used outside. Whilst porcelain tiles can be used almost anywhere, ceramic should stay indoors but this isn't a problem if you’re concentrating solely on interior decoration.

The Botttom Line

There we have it, Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles are certainly a superb option if you want to minimise maintenance and clean up spills within a matter of seconds. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or as flooring, please feel free to contact Decorcera today and one of our experts can help you with your decision! We are available on +91- 82856 -44444 or drop us a mail on pm@decorcera.com.

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