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All about Bricks – The Building Blocks of your Home

To start with, what is a home? It is nothing but bricks and mortar, so making sure that you choose the right construction materials to build a home that lasts for years to come. Almost all over the world, brick is the most popular option for constructing houses.

Durability, security, versatility, weather-resistance, and cost-effectiveness are considered as the key factors in selecting the right brick for your project. Opting for the right brick can entirely change the look of the project. Apart from the quality of the bricks, size, texture, and finish also play a huge role.

Your choice of brick can affect the final look of the project, regardless of whether you want to go for a traditional rustic look or more modern and contemporary look. Let’s take a look at the various factors you have to consider while choosing bricks for the construction of your home.


Metric bricks are most commonly used for everyday construction, while imperial sized bricks are the best option for you if you want a traditional look. It gives instant charm and character. If you want to recreate the charm of the vintage area, then you can opt for imperial sized bricks that are available in size 268x110x20.

Method of Construction

Traditionally, bricks were handmade using old, conventional methods. However, now it’s common to come across machine-made bricks. Handmade, machine-made wire cut bricks, brick slips/facing tiles there is a wide range to choose from.

The market for handmade bricks is expanding. The demand for handmade bricks has seen a steady lift in past years. Globally the demand for handmade bricks is on the rise. The elegance and looks of handmade brick are the popular choices for extensions and innovations of older properties. The newly available brick accessories have created room for creativity. The bricks can either be used in old or new buildings.

The new handmade bricks have a wide range of options and have made resistant to weather and durable. They bring contemporary style to your home and projects.


The color of brick also changes the look of the project. The color of brick depends on where the brick is made from. There is a specific shade for each region. The shade range is from yellows, browns, and reds.

Fire Durability

There are newer fire bricks which are great insulators of fire. Fire bricks are another major revolution in brick construction. It is fire resistant and an ideal choice to build bread oven and wood-fired pizza, fire pit, stove, grill, smoker, barbecue, and any other applications where high temperatures are required. These are great insulations and resistance there are decorative bricks. There are acid resistant fire bricks too.

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