Insights From Top Copper Bathtub Manufacturers In India


Planning To Design Your Bathroom With A Copper Bathtub? Here Are Some Pros And Cons

Copper baths are sleek and sophisticated, and they guarantee a relaxing and soothing bath. They add both flair and functionality to your bathroom. They're the ideal choice for satisfying the diva in you, thanks to their outstanding heat retention and anti-microbial properties. Decorcera, the renowned copper bathtub manufacturers in India, can custom design your copper bathtub to match your interior design style, whether classic or contemporary.

There are numerous other reasons to consider copper for your bathtubs. Here is why should you choose copper bathtubs.

Simple Care & Easy Maintenance

Cleaning copper is a breeze. There are a variety of copper-specific cleaning products on the market that will instantly shine your tub. The bathtubs will not require much upkeep if they are used frequently. Even if you scuff the surface of your bathtub and it becomes shiny, there is no need for any repair. When compared to other bathtub materials, copper has a stronger resilience to dents and scratches. Any scratch or marks will naturally fade away with time.

Long Lasting

Copper sinks and bathtubs are not only functional and attractive, but they are also extremely durable and difficult to damage, allowing them to last for generations. As the most sought out copper bathtub manufacturers from India, our copper bathtubs have decorated many homes for generations.

Rust & Corrosion Proof

Copper bathtubs, unlike bathtubs made of other metals, do not corrode or rust over time. They're noted for their ability to survive the elements and their resilience. Copper does not rust or corrode, therefore it will endure a long time and give you a good return on your investment. They are, however, sensitive to some harsh acids and chemicals, so cleaning them should be done with caution.

Timeless Classic & Beauty

Copper bathtubs will naturally deepen in tone and color as they age, depending on the environment. They have a timeless charm and natural elegance, and there is no better decor to turn your bathroom into a lovely, stylish corner in your home. Copper bathtubs will develop a vivid and unique patina over time, complementing the material's timeless characteristics. Discussing with our styling experts can help you understand what shape and size to choose for your bathrooms and you will be assured of the best from high quality copper bathtub manufacturers from India.

Health Benefits Of Copper Bathtubs

Copper has antibacterial characteristics, which means it can fight bacteria and viruses, including Covid-19. Since germs cannot live on copper, you will no longer need antibacterial and disinfection products for your copper bathtubs. This means that copper bathtubs are safer than porcelain or stainless steel counterparts.

They Keep Your Water Hot For Longer

Copper is a great conductor of heat and helps retains an even temperature throughout. It will also stay hotter for longer making them ideal if you like long, relaxing soaks.

Downside To Installing Copper Bathtub


In comparison to an acrylic or enameled steel tub, a copper freestanding bath is fairly heavy, necessitating reinforced floors and a highly experienced professional team to install.

Limited Shapes

Bateau styles are the most common. This type of bath is deep with high sides, and offers a more upright bathing experience than a standard tub. But shoulders and knees are always submerged in the water. So you’ll still be able to soak and unwind in comfort.


Copper bathtubs are extremely expensive and many a times, they are made to order, due to the demand-supply gap, superior quality, longevity, and corrosion resistance qualities. Customers may have to wait for some time for delivery. This is not the case with Decorcera. We are one of the largest copper bathtub manufacturers in India and can quickly fill your order.

Copper is one of the most durable metals, as well as being attractive and malleable. Copper bathtubs are popular for a variety of reasons, including their attractive appearance and health benefits. Handmade by expert craftsmen, our copper baths add a touch of glamour and luxury to any bathroom. Get in touch with our experts to find the best copper bathtub for the best price today!

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