Why Should You Go With Double Charged Tiles For Your Home Interiors?


Vitrified tiles have dominated the flooring industry, proving to be a superior alternative to marble, granite, and most other traditional flooring options. Double charged vitrified tiles are fast occupying a major market share in the flooring tiles industry as they offer more variety and options to the customers in terms of sizes, designs, and finishes, compared to porcelain or ceramic floor tiles. Homeowners have experienced better advantages with double charged vitrified tiles compared to other traditional flooring solutions.

Double charged vitrified tiles are -

    ✔ Highly versatile

    ✔ Complete value for money

    ✔ Easy to clean and maintain

    ✔ Durable and long lasting

    ✔ Less prone to staining, chipping, or general deterioration

Double charged tiles are created with modern technology and are thicker than regular tiles. This makes them an ideal choice for most commercial spaces and high foot-traffic areas. These floor tiles can be tailored to match the aesthetic requirements of any area, thanks to their magnificent designs and long-lasting sturdiness.

Why Should You Choose Double Charged Tiles For Your Interiors?

Double charged tiles, as we already affirmed, is made with superior technology and high quality materials to make them long lasting and stronger. They are also versatile tiles that can be customized to any color, design and pattern. Here are a few more reasons to choose double charged tiles for your home
interiors –

• Works well for commercial use and areas with heavy foot traffic

Double charged tiles are thicker than normal vitrified tiles which makes them more durable for commercial use. They are less prone to staining and chipping and can bear constant, heavy foot-traffic. As they come in various designs, you can match choose double charged tiles with your office styling theme easily.

• Easy to clean and simple maintenance

An important feature for floor tiles is their maintenance. As they are constantly walked on, they are bound to get dirty and attract hard stains all the time. Double charged tiles are built with modern technology that gives them a fine finish while also making them easy to clean. Simple household cleaning products are sufficient to get back the sparkle on these tiles.

• Resistant to scratches and stains

Unlike ceramic tiles, double charged tiles are less prone to staining and scratching. Though they come in glossy finish, they don’t crack or chip very easily and that is why they are ideal for commercial establishments like office buildings or malls, where there is heavy foot traffic.

• Offers more durability and longevity

Double charged tiles are made with latest technology and high quality materials that make them last long. Just affix them on your floors and forget about them for decades. They are easy maintenance and give you full value for your money.

• Get them in different colors and designs

Floor tiles are an integral part of your interiors and they should match your overall design scheme. Double charged tiles come in numerous designs and patterns and you can find one that goes with your interiors perfectly.

Decorcera double charged vitrified tiles are a perfect accessory to your interior designing. Our styling experts can help you choose the best double charged tiles to suit your style and budget. Call us today so that our sales team can work with you in creating a wonderful design for your home or office floors with high quality double charged tiles.

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