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Double Charge Tiles – The BAHUBALI of Floor Tiles

Are you constructing your dream home? Or renovating your place? We understand that a home project is exciting but at the same time confusing! With dozens of materials available on the market, how do you choose the right one? Also, not to forget all the technical speak – tile quality, vitrified tiles, paint density, it can feel downright confusing and exhausting!

Worry not; DecorCera is here to help. In this post, we help you choose the BEST Flooring for your home. Yes, we can confidently state that double charge tiles are the most preferred choice for floor tiles for residential and commercial projects. Extremely low maintenance, heavy durability, these tiles are the BAHUBALI of floor tiles.

Continue reading to find all that you need to know about double charge tiles – what is it, advantages, how to select, and more.

First things first, before we look at the manufacturing of double charge vitrified floor tiles, let’s first get the basics right.

What are vitrified tiles?


Vitrified tiles are one of the most popular ceramic tiles.

  • They have low porosity – meaning, they don’t absorb liquids easily. Hence, no dirty stains.
  • They are a durable and budget-friendly alternative to marble and granite.
  • They are manufactured using a mixture of silica, feldspar, clay, and quartz.

What are double charge tiles?


Double charge tiles are a sub-category of vitrified tiles. As the name implies, they have two layers of tiles. They are thicker than regular vitrified tiles, usually 3 – 4mm thicker than standard tiles. They have an extra nano-coating to make the tile highly durable.

Why use double charge tiles?


Double charge tiles are the perfect combination of functionality + strength + beauty + budget-friendly.

  • The top layer of double charge tiles is extremely thick. The top layer accounts for 30% to 50% of the tile’s overall thickness. Generally, the thickness of a vitrified tile is only 1 to 2mm. In contrast, the thickness of double charge tiles is around 3 to 4mm.
  • The designs on the double charge tiles are part of the tile's body and not just printed on the surface. Compare this with glazed tiles, where the designs are digitally printed on the surface of the tile. Think of glazed tiles as a fabric where the designs are printed on the surface. In contrast, double charge tiles are a fabric where the designs are woven during weaving itself.
  • Double charge tiles do not scratch easily. This is because the moh (scale of hardness) of double charge tiles is higher than regular tiles. Even if a sharp object scratches its surface, the scratches are not visible much since the design is part of the tile's body.
  • When it comes to the strength of the tile, double charge tiles lead the pack. It's the strongest of all vitrified tiles, more robust than even full-body tiles. If you're looking for floors that will easily last for decades, then double charge tiles are the way to go.
  • Double charge tiles are not just aesthetically pleasing. They are highly functional and made to last.
  • Cost-wise, double charge tiles are higher than glazed tiles but lower than full body tiles.

Here are the advantages of double charge tiles in a nutshell:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Resistant to scratches and wear and tear
  • Highly durable
  • Prevents dust and dirt accumulation
  • Stain-resistant

Though the prices of double charge tiles are higher than that of regular glazed ceramic tiles, they are totally worth the investment. Given the benefits and durability of double charge tiles, the initial investment is totally worth it.

How to check the quality of double charge tiles?


While purchasing double charge tiles, make sure to verify their authenticity. Here are a few tips to check the tile's quality:

  • Pour water on the tile. If the double charge tile is coated correctly, then the water should form droplets and roll away from the tile's surface.
  • Use a permanent marker. Go ahead and mark the tile's surface with a permanent marker. Wait for a few seconds, and then try to rinse it. If the stain is easy to remove, then you've got a genuine double charge tile.

For more information on double charge tiles or to place flooring tile orders for a residential or commercial project, get in touch with our team. As one of the top double charge tiles manufacturers and suppliers in India, we have a massive collection of flooring tiles. Browse our gallery or get our catalogue and choose the perfect floor tiles for your dream home.

Keep your floors looking good for years to come with double charge tiles. Happy tile shopping!

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