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Which Tiles work well for the Exterior Elevation of your Home?

When it comes to home design, the exteriors are as important as the interiors. Choosing the right materials for the exterior elevation of your home plays a crucial role in determining the overall look of your home. Additionally, the materials you choose must be not only aesthetically pleasing but also high in functionality.

The right exterior elevation design adds to the curb appeal of your home while improving its longevity.

When it comes to the exteriors, there are two factors to consider – the front elevation and the floor plan. Here, in this guide, from Décor Cera, leading exterior wall elevation tile suppliers in India, we give you the best tile options that you can use for your exteriors.

What are Exterior Elevation Tiles?

As the name implies, these tiles are specifically designed for exterior use. They are available in a wide range of colours, designs, styles, patterns, sizes offering beautiful finishes to the exterior of a home. Exterior elevation tiles are of several types. The popular tiles used for outdoor walls include:

Natural Stone Finish Tiles

These tiles are highly popular and lend timeless charm to your home. They look like natural stone, adding a royal elegance to your exterior walls. The colour tones of natural stone finish tiles range from earthy browns and reds to stone blacks and greys. Natural stone finish tiles make your home stand out in the neighbourhood, and you don't have to worry about changing trends, as these tiles are always popular.

Wood Finish Tiles

If you love the wooden finish but have not opted for it due to its high maintenance, here's an excellent alternative – wood finish tiles. These tiles give a refined wooden look to your exteriors and are inspired by the beautiful patterns found in natural wood. Wood-finish tiles are available in a wide range of colours ranging from light ash to the dark browns of teak and walnut. If you're a nature lover, who wants to create a peaceful nature-inspired exterior for your home, then this is a great choice.

Brick-finish Tiles

It's one of the most popular options in India, especially in the Southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Brick-finish tiles give a rustic look to your home exteriors. It’s perfect for homes that want to create an imposing façade. There are plenty of colour options ranging from the bright reds of terracotta style tiles to the muted shades of clay-coloured brick tiles.

Brick-tiles add texture, warmth and character to any space. Besides exterior walls, brick tiles are a popular choice for accent walls. Exposed brick walls are quite trendy and add style to your interiors.

Random-Pattern Tiles

If you want your home to stand out from the crowd, then random-pattern tiles are an excellent option for your exteriors. You can opt for customized designs to add elegance to your exteriors. However, it's highly recommended that you take the help of a professional designer or décor consultant so that the tile pattern you choose doesn't end up feeling overwhelming.

Choose from a Wide Range of Exterior Elevation Tiles at Décor Cera

Besides the tiles listed here in this guide, there are plenty of other options for exterior wall tiles available in our store. Check out our online gallery or drop a line to us for the latest product catalogue.

Finally, when you choose tiles for the exteriors of your home, remember that these tiles will make the first impression on your guests. So, opt for designs and colours that are timeless and add a unique architectural beauty to your home. For more help on choosing the right tiles for your home, get in touch with our design experts here at Décor Cera for a free consultation, and make smart design choices.

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