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Choose from a Wide Range of Aesthetic Handmade & Machine Cut Bricks from Decorcera

Long gone are the days when bricks were used only as structural support for buildings. Today, bricks have transformed into an aesthetical addition to any property.

Decorcera – Redefining Exposed Bricks in India

At Decorcera, we proudly present a wide range of exposed and designer bricks that add sophistication and elegance to the interiors and exteriors of – home, retail outlets, commercial buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and more.

Bricks are the basic building blocks of a building. The type of bricks you choose impact the output and final look of your home. As the leading bricks supplier in Gujarat, India, we offer a wide range of exposed bricks that suit all interiors.

Our bricks are eco-friendly and made using traditional methods. Each brick is made with the utmost care and perfection. Despite the high-quality of our bricks, we ensure that it fits all budgets. With a wide range of textures and designs, you can choose the right style that fits your requirements.

Types of Bricks available at Decorcera

  • Extruded

These bricks have a consistent shape and size.

  • Wire-cut

These bricks are first extruded and then wire-cut with a tensioned wire, leaving drag marks.

  • Moulded

As the name implies, these bricks are formed by applying pressure on moulds. They are extremely strong and consistent.

  • Handmade

Made by artisans, these bricks are hand moulded into moulds. This is the most ancient way of making bricks.

Our bricks can also be categorised based on their usage:

  • Hollow – These bricks are not solid, and the holes constitute 25% of the brick volume
  • Perforated – These bricks have holes that constitute more than 25% of the brick volume

Bestselling Designer Bricks from Decorcera

As a leading Brick Manufacturer in Gujarat, India, we offer a wide range of designer bricks to suit different requirements. Some of our popular brick styles include:

S. No. Product Name Brick Style Size
1 Facing Brick Wire Cut 220 x 104 x 68
2 Americano Finish Facing Brick
3 Embossed Diamond Brick
4 Embossed Leaf Brick
5 Curve Outer Brick
6 Curve Inner Brick
7 Bamboo
8 Lotus
9 Pencil Round Brick
10 2-side Round Brick
11 N-cut Round Brick
12 Embossed Bubble Brick
13 Xcel Clay Jali Moulded 210 x 210 x 68
14 Zoey Clay Jali
15 Trigon Clay Jali 200 x 200 x 200 x 68
16 Cladding Strip Hand Mould 220 x 65 x 30/25
17 Cladding Smooth Wire Cut 218 x 68 x 30/25
18 Cladding Rough Wire Cut

Besides these bricks, we also have other styles like zigzag bricks, slit bricks, bricks for walking and jogging tracks, and more.

Design Inspiration for Exposed Bricks

Are you wondering how to use exposed bricks? Check out a few popular design ideas from the House of Decorcera:

  • Accent walls
  • Pillars
  • Entryways
  • Corridors
  • Walking tracks
  • Pathways
  • Exterior facades
  • Columns

Add a Rustic Charm to your Buildings with Exposed Brick

Exposed brick walls add sophistication and elegance to any building style. Get in touch with our team to order your preferred style of bricks and add a rustic charm to your interiors. Click here to download our brick catalogue and see all our products.

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