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Handmade bricks have been part of the construction industry in India for ages. Bricks give a unique, rustic look to your home construction, which matches perfectly with the rustic theme of designing your house.

Handmade bricks are well known for their durability, which is why they have been used in construction of homes and buildings for a long time. They are very useful for designing your home and other interior designing like walls, floors, platforms, countertops, fireplaces, and more. They look beautiful and give a feel of home.

Decorcera, top bricks manufacturers in India, has a wide range of handmade bricks that you can customize in any shape and size.

What Are Handmade Bricks?

What Are Handmade Bricks

Handmade bricks are created by moulding and cutting a rough brick from clay. They are completely made by hand and are a lot less expensive than machine cut bricks. Every handmade brick is unique as every piece is made by hand. They also have a rough finish and wavy edges; something that is not found in machine cut bricks. They are usually made by hand and are more resistant, durable and less brittle than machine cut bricks.

Handmade bricks give a unique style, especially when used in small-scale design. They have a very elegant look. They are perfect to enhance your home decor and add a rustic touch to your house.

Pros And Cons Of Using Handmade Bricks


  • They can be custom made according to your specific design requirements. You can design and mould them as per your needs.
  • They can be modified and changed as per your requirements.
  • They are made from natural clay and are easily available.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They are more durable than brick slips or reclaimed bricks.
  • They are versatile can be used for flooring, walls, ceiling, even as an outdoor flooring.


  • It is not cheap to buy handmade bricks as it is not produced in a large scale.
  • They take longer to manufacture. A handmade block of clay can take about one week to be made, depending on the size of the block. It can take another week or more to be moulded and cut into bricks.
  • They are bulky and heavier than brick slips so they take up more space for installation.
  • Their finish is largely uneven and rough, making them unsuitable for a large area installation

Handmade bricks are more popular with our clients than machine cut bricks, as they are cheaper and easily available. We are the leading bricks manufacturers in India and supply high quality handmade bricks that are very durable.

Why Are Handmade Bricks Popular?

Many people still prefer handmade bricks as it provides better aesthetics and a homely feel to their space.

Brick Matching - Handmade bricks come in different sizes and colors to meet all your requirements. If you are looking to achieve a certain look, like a Victorian architecture for example, then you can go with handmade bricks by choosing the right colored bricks, and match them up.

Conservation - Handmade bricks can also be used in conservation processes, as they don’t crack or break easily. An important part of heritage conservation is the use of handmade bricks that have been made using traditional methods for conserving an historic building.

To achieve a contemporary look -Adding handmade bricks is a good way to combine traditional and contemporary aesthetics. They are often used in combination with modern materials and designs for achieving a desirable rustic look.

How To Choose The Best Handmade Bricks For Your Next Project?

Handmade bricks are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them available for use in almost any project. They are perfect for creating elegant, yet rustic interiors. To achieve a contemporary look, you can choose between natural and painted handmade bricks.

Decorcera, reputed bricks manufacturers in India are more than happy to supply you with a wide array of bricks that are appropriate for your projects and budget. You can choose from a wide range of bricks that are easily available and custom made.

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