The Many Benefits of Using Reclaimed Bricks


When starting any construction project, the first and crucial decision you have to make is – deciding the right materials to use. Bricks are the building blocks of any project – be it a dream home, a multiplex, a shopping mall, or any other construction, bricks are a crucial part of the project.

With the current focus on green buildings and sustainability, a huge number of building owners, architects and civil engineers are looking for materials that are green and eco-friendly. Reclaimed materials are gaining popularity among builders who are looking for sustainable choices.

What are reclaimed building materials?

As the name implies, reclaimed materials have been previously used in another building project. They are then reused for new buildings. Reclaimed bricks are one of the most commonly used reclaimed building materials.

In this guide, Decorcera, one of the top handmade reclaimed bricks manufacturers in India walk you through the benefits of using reclaimed bricks for your next construction project.

Top 3 Advantages of using Reclaimed Bricks

  • Cost-Savings

The cost of the project is a primary concern, especially in large construction projects. Reclaimed bricks help you reduce the overall cost of raw materials – without compromising on the quality and aesthetics.

Reclaimed bricks cost a fraction of the price of regular new bricks. This helps you keep the total project expenditure within control. Just because you’re using old bricks, it doesn’t mean you’re compromising on the quality of construction.

In fact, reclaimed bricks are in demand not just for cost savings, but also for their beautiful texture, aesthetic finish and high-quality.

  • Eco-friendly

This is one of the prime reasons why homeowners, architects and civil engineers recommend handmade reclaimed bricks. The construction industry plays a crucial role in contributing to national carbon emissions and waste generation.

When you use reclaimed bricks, you cut down the emissions associated with the extraction, production, manufacture and transport of new bricks. Since, the bricks are already made and you’re reusing them, you’re doing your bit to save Mother Earth’s precious resources.

Another advantage of reclaimed bricks is that they can be reused without requiring any additional processing. Generally, when an old building is demolished a lot of the building materials are thrown away, ending up in landfills. Using reclaimed bricks is a great way to reduce landfill wastes. Thus, you’re not just recycling but also reducing wastes by choosing reclaimed bricks.

  • Dark reds

Reclaimed bricks are a great way to add character and individuality to your buildings. Reclaimed bricks have a heritage appearance, lending charm and character to your space. Whether you’re using reclaimed bricks for an interior accent wall, an outdoor paving, the textures and finish of these bricks lend an attractive and unique finish to your homes.

What’s the specialty of handmade bricks?

We've all seen the machine-made rust-coloured bricks. They are everywhere. But, have you seen handmade bricks?

Handmade bricks have a rougher, lighter and softer texture compared to machine made bricks. They are available in various colours ranging from:

  • Soft reds to soft oranges
  • Red rubbers
  • Dark reds
  • And even unusual colours like black, purple, brown, white etc.

Points to Keep in Mind while Selecting Reclaimed Bricks

Reclaimed bricks are usually sourced from old buildings from the colonial times. They are then cleaned up, yet will have edges that are irregular and worn. Some may even retain mortar from their initial use. A good quality reclaimed brick has two workable side – one stretch and one bond. Most reclaimed bricks have creases, folds and colour variations that add to their aesthetic appeal. It's these natural differences that give reclaimed bricks a unique charm and character.

How do I ensure I’m getting the maximum value for my money while buying reclaimed bricks?

Reclaimed bricks are available in a variety of price points. It depends on the type of brick – handmade/machine-made, how old it is, the type of brick, etc. Common reclaimed bricks cost lesser than a similar new brick, whereas old vintage bricks can cost more.

It's always recommended that you approach trusted handmade reclaimed bricks manufacturers in India to get the maximum value for your money.

Decorcera is one among the top handmade reclaimed bricks manufacturers in India . We supply handmade reclaimed bricks all across the country and overseas as well. We have a huge collection of vintage reclaimed bricks perfect for a variety of building projects. All the bricks in our reclaimed category are hand-picked by professionals from trusted sources. For further enquiries or to find the latest cost of reclaimed bricks in India, get in touch with our friendly team – who will help you with all the details you require.

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