Top 5 Tile Trends to Keep an Eye Out For This Year


Picking out the perfect tiles for your home is indeed daunting. There are plenty of factors to consider like – design, shape, texture, colours, and sizes. With so many options available on the market, finding the right one is quite confusing, and at times, feels overwhelming.

Just a few years ago, tiles were segregated mostly based on their functionality – like durability, resistance to water and maintenance. But, not anymore! Today, the aesthetical impact of the tile is as much important as its functionality.

Here, in this guide, we have collected expert advice and identified the top tile trends for the coming year. We hope this guide will help you pick the perfect and trendy tiles for your upcoming home remodeling.

Let’s get started.

Move over Glossy Tiles; Matte Finish is Here

Matte files are going huge this year. They soft but powerful finish of matte tiles, make them a fit for all interior styles, without being overwhelming. Another huge advantage of matte tiles is that they don’t show water marks or smudges like glossy tiles. This makes matte tiles perfect for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens. Additionally, the low sheen of matte tiles makes them easier to maintain.

One point to keep in mind, while installing matte tiles is that they don’t reflect light. Hence, make sure that there’s plenty of artificial or natural lighting so that the space doesn’t appear gloomy.

Glossy tiles, on the other hand, reflect light and thereby give a dramatic effect to the space. However, they are a slip hazard, so avoid installing them on areas prone to water spills.

If you’re looking for sophistication with understated elegance, then matte finish tiles are the way to go.

Nude Neutrals are In

Contemporary interior designs make huge use of neutral colours. Bright hues like yellows, reds, and blues have taken a backseat to subtler shades.

More and more homeowners are falling in love with neutral colours like greys, whites, and beiges. Of late, a new colour design that uses grey and beige has appeared. This new trend is known as “greige.”

If you need to add a bit more brightness to the space, then white is the perfect fit for you. White makes even tiny spaces appear bigger. But the one drawback is that it’s prone to dirt and dust, hence requires more maintenance.

Neutral shades are here to stay. These subtle tones are calming and relaxing, thereby creating a peaceful sanctuary.

If you find neutrals boring, you can increase the impact by mixing and matching different neutral colours together. Play around with the textures, sizes, and finishes to create a dramatic impact.

Graphic Patterns

This is another latest trend that is going big, right now. Whether you’re looking for wall or floor tiles, graphic tiles are the perfect accents to highlight any space. You can choose graphic patterns either in subtle hues or go for bold contrasting colours in intricate patterns and shapes.

Subways Tiles with an Added Pizzazz

Subway tiles have a reputation of being common and boring. These are 3 x 6” rectangle tiles that have been in use for several decades.

This year, subways tiles are making a comeback with some new interesting effects. You can see plenty of subway tiles in new designs, patterns, sizes and even in other colours apart from white. Some subway tiles are available in interesting patterns like sculptural, arched, beveled and dome.

By pairing subway tiles with contrasting colours, you can create a delightful mosaic on your walls. The choices are endless with subway tiles.

Geometric Tiles

It's not just about patterns, shapes, and colours. Tiles are getting more diverse with new and trendy shapes. Several tile manufacturers are playing around with the tile shape. Apart from the regular rectangles and squares, you can find tiles in several other shapes like – hexagons, triangles, diamonds and more.

You can use these geometric tiles either on the entire floor or wall or create an accent wall by highlighting the shape of these tiles.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right tiles for your home is indeed a challenge. There are so much variety and nearly endless options. You can choose from an array of colours, shapes, textures, finishes, and patterns.

While you go tile shopping, keep an eye out for these five tile trends. If you’re confused about what to choose, no worries,
reach out to our team of tile experts, here at Décor Cera, who can help you find the perfect tiles for your home!

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