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Currently, wood effect floor tiles are one of the hot emerging trends in interior design and home decor in India. Imitating a natural ambiance, these wood effect floor tiles from India are fitting to be integrated into any floor or wall design – be it classic, contemporary, or rustic. They can be interpreted in marquetry too, offering to add a delightful formality into your residence or office. Being a key emerging trend, wood effect floor tiles in India are stunning. They capture the beauty of natural timber planks and allow you to create the look and feel of real wood in your home without sacrificing the benefits of hardwearing tiles in both ceramic and porcelain. If you want to add depth and style into a place, these are the perfect tiles to do so.

Taking inspiration from natural wood, these wood effect tiles from India are a sure entice. They are available in various textures and both single and multiple tones. They ooze luxury in each step with their beautiful, rich textures and intricate vein. The natural color palette pleases your senses and brings a soothing aspect of nature to your home. Possessing the beauty and charm of natural materials, wood effect floor tiles in India disseminate the organic warmth of natural wood planks. They are versatile as you can easily create an industrial chic setting with a distressed vintage texture or sophisticated Scandinavian charm with a whitewashed texture. These tiles are the fitting option to give your home the ‘wow’ factor it deserves. Available to use on walls and floors, they are truly versatile, adding to their appeal

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