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10 Big Ideas for Small Bathrooms – Make Your Tiny Bathroom Look & Feel Bigger

Whether your bathroom has a tiny shower cubicle that doesn’t have enough space to stretch your hands, or there’s no space on your bathroom counter for anything more than a toothbrush and paste – a tiny bathroom makes mornings even worse than they are.

Worry not. You don’t have to suffer the agonies of getting ready in a tiny bathroom anymore. Here, in today’s post, we give you some smart design and style tips that make the most of your existing bathroom space.

By the time, you finish implementing our ideas; you’ll forget how small your bathroom actually is. Let’s get started designing.

Add Storage

A cluttered bathroom makes the space feel even small. Instead, of stacking your toiletries on cabinets, you can make use of smart storage solutions to do away with clutter. Here are some smart storage solutions:

  • Use floating shelves not only to arrange toiletries but also to showcase them in a fashionable way.
  • Add colourful storage ladders that double up as extra storage as well as a display item.
  • Use wicker baskets to store things in the space below the sinks.

Focus on Functionality

Functionality plays a major role in making your small bathrooms appear bigger. When choosing design elements to add to your bathroom, always make sure to consider the functionality. If a particular design piece doesn’t add functionality, then try not including it in your bathroom design.

Utilize tricks to Save Space

If you need a big tub or a large walk-in shower, then try to cut on space elsewhere. Try to include built-in shelves on the walls behind the tubs or in the shower, for storing all your toiletries, thereby cutting down the space needed for bathroom cabinets.

Opt for an Oval Sink

Oval sinks make the best use of the limited counter space when compared to other sinks like square or round.

Choose the Right Colours

Did you know that colours play a huge role in making a space appear bigger or smaller? Opt for pale, pastel colour themes to add the illusion of space. That doesn’t mean you have to use only pale shades for your entire bathroom. You can use bright and bold colours for accessories and furnishing. But using neutral tones like greys, whites, and pastel for backgrounds make the space bigger than it actually is. Additionally, cool tones like blues and greens, add a sense of “serenity” and “spa-like” ambience to the space.

Brighten up the Room with the Right Lighting

Add extra lighting to illuminate every corner of your tiny bathroom. Shadows and dingy corners make the space feel cramped and tight. Wall sconces, ceiling lighting, and even countertop lamps help to brighten up the space. If budget permits, you can even make expensive changes like adding a skylight.

Install a Pedestal or Wall Mounted Sink

Sure, a vanity cabinet below your sink provides you with plenty of storage. But, that also takes up plenty of floor space in a small bathroom. Instead, of a vanity closet, install a wall-mounted or pedestal sink. This makes the entire space feel open and airy.

Add Mirrors

Adding mirrors is one of the easiest ways to make a small space appear bigger and brighter. Mirrors reflect the light in the room, giving the illusion of a bigger space. You can either add a large mirror above your bathroom sink or go in for smaller mirrors arranged artistically.

Remove Anything that Sticks Out

Even the small accessories like wall shelves, hanging toothbrush holders that stick out from the wall, make the room appear smaller than it actually is. Instead of standing out shelves, opt for built-in shelves in the wall.

Choose Light-coloured Flooring

Just like the walls, opt for lighter coloured flooring. Check out our extensive gallery to choose from a wide range of beautiful, solid and patterned porcelain tiles for your bathroom.

Wrapping Up

Get in touch with our sales representatives, here at Décor Cera, India’s leading porcelain and ceramic tiles manufacturer and distributor, for further design tips on making your tiny bathrooms feel bigger. Don’t hesitate to call us to help you find the right floor and wall tiles for your bathroom.

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