The Best Italian 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Producer Manufacturer

Italian 20mm outdoor porcelain producer manufacturer

Porcelain has been long preferred for its durability and beauty. This easily available and highly affordable construction material is available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and finishes. Porcelain pavers have been the go to choice for many architects and homeowners for decades as they offer long lasting beauty to your outdoor spaces.

Porcelain pavers, until a few years back, were available in standard thicknesses of 8mm - 10mm. Owing to their thickness, these tiles were primarily used for indoor applications. Today, we have 2cm thick porcelain pavers that offer better applications for outdoor spaces.

At Decorcera, the leading Italian 20mm outdoor porcelain producer manufacturer, you get a wide range of porcelain pavers to install in your garden, patios, swimming pool deck, car park, and more.

How Are The 2cm Porcelain Pavers Better Than The Standard Ones For Exterior Application?

Standard 8-10mm Thick Porcelain Pavers

The standard 8mm-10mm thickness porcelain pavers were originally created with indoor applications in mind. They tend to be pretty durable and are easy to install. However, they are not suitable for outdoor applications or areas that are exposed to the natural elements.

They don't work well with the sun or rain. Long-time exposure to heat and moisture can cause them to warp and become brittle. They then chip and crack easily, resulting in an unsightly and unattractive appearance.

2cm Thick Porcelain Pavers

The 2cm, or 20mm, thick porcelain pavers are better suited for outdoor applications. Decorcera, reputed Italian 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Producer Manufacture, houses an exclusive range of 2cm thick porcelain pavers that match all your outdoor needs. Here is why our clients prefer it -

  • Their thickness makes them much more durable and resistant to moisture and heat.
  • The Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) rating is usually significantly higher with the 2cm porcelain pavers. As is their abrasion resistance, making them scratch resistance.
  • They are lighter than concrete or other stone options available in the market, making them easier to transport and install (especially rooftop installations and other hard to work spaces). When you talk to our sales team, they will be able to recommend the best porcelain paver for your project. We are one of the most sought after Italian 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Producer Manufacturer in India and can assure you of only the best material for your dream home.
  • They offer better color finish and texture compared to other porcelain options. Plus, the colors are much deeper and richer, have more luminous and hue variance, and frequently combine special effects like mica flecks, making great examples of modern pavers look more or less distinct from both natural stone and natural wood.
  • They are better suited for high traffic areas like patios, swimming pool decks, and pathways.

The 2cm porcelain paver is a superior option for a variety of projects; both indoors and outdoors. While they are most sought after for patios and decks, they work well for any other space you want to install them in.

Call Decorcera today! We are the leading Italian 20mm Outdoor Porcelain Producer Manufacturer in India. Our team is available to help you with all your porcelain paver needs.

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