Do’s & Don’ts When Choosing Outdoor Tiles in India


Indians love spending time in their backyards, verandas or porches. As summer approaches, now is the best time to consider renovating your outdoor living spaces. Having a well furbished outdoor space provides you with the right ambience to catch up with friends, relatives, neighbours and family.

Tiles and natural stones are the two best choices for outdoor use – they are heat-resistant, long-lasting and score both on functionality and aesthetics. As the leading porcelain and ceramics tile manufacturer in India, DecorCera offers the best selection of high-quality outdoors tiles in India at the best prices in the market.

Whether you’re looking for external wall elevation tiles or backyard pavers, this guide will help you know more about your favourite tiles. We list out the do’s and don’ts so that you can find the best quality outdoor tiles for your home.


Do consider the Climate

The first factor you have to consider while selecting outdoor tiles is the climate of your city. Within India, climates vary significantly depending on where you live. The tiles you choose have to withstand heat, cold, and moisture.

Certain tiles are ideal for withstanding changing weather conditions, whereas others crack easily. Look for tiles with low water absorption and high durability. Tiles like ceramic, porcelain, marble and travertine are ideal for external use. These tiles also do not stain, rot or grow lichen and algae easily. They remain looking good as new for years to come.

Ask these questions to find the right tiles:

  • Where will the tiles be used? As flooring or as wall elevation?
  • Will it be in the open or undercover?
  • Will it be exposed to direct sunlight?
  • Are you focussing on the aesthetics for a feature wall?
  • Or will it require heavy durability for a garden path?

Answering these questions will help you find the perfect outdoor tile that best matches your needs.

Do Focus on the Safety

The next factor to consider while choosing outdoor tiles is the safety. Since external paving tiles are exposed to moisture and other weather conditions, there is an increased risk of falls and slips due to water retention.

Opting for non-glazed, unpolished and tiles with an abrasive/matte finish helps to minimise the risk of slips and falls.

Also note that beside the texture of the tile, other factors like grout, wear and tear, and build-up of residue play a crucial role in impacting the slip-resistance of tiles. So, make sure to discuss your requirements with the tile supplier to find the perfect tiles for the job.

Do consider the Style Factor

Another crucial factor while selecting tiles for exterior wall elevation or outdoor spaces is the style factor. Make sure that you choose tiles that match with your interior style.

  • One of the design trends that’s quite popular right now is to use the same style of tile outside as well as inside. This gives the feeling on an extended indoor space that seamlessly blends with the outdoors.
  • Neutral coloured tiles are a great choice for all design styles, whereas patterned or mosaic tiles lend individuality to your exteriors.
  • While choosing the colours for exterior tiles, make sure to consider the lighting patterns as well. Dark tiles go well with brightly lit backyards, whereas light tiles make even backyards with dim lighting appear brighter and bigger.

At Decorcera, we have a full range of outdoor tiles, pavers in a variety of materials, sizes, colours and textures. Request for a free quote to find the perfect outdoor tiles in India.


Don’t Forget the Durability

It’s easy to get carried away by the design and aesthetics of the tile, that many people forget to focus on the durability. Ideally, an outdoor tile should be resistant to stains, withstand weather conditions and be low-maintenance.

Porcelain tiles are easy to maintain and require just sweeping with household cleaners. We also recommend sealing your outdoor tiles to make them stain-resistant. Sealing has other advantages as well. It prevents efflorescence the blooming of algae and salt deposits, making them easy to clean.

Don’t fall prey to Marketing Gimmicks

Today, there are dozens of tile sellers in the market claiming to offer the best quality products. But, the reality is that the results are not always in tune with marketing promises. So, before you choose any tile brand or supplier, make sure to go through the reviews and previous experience. If possible, get in touch with previous customers to get honest feedback.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Another big mistake that people make while choosing outdoor wall elevation tiles is that they falsely assume that since these tiles will be used outdoors they don’t have to be of good quality. This is a huge mistake that can cost you in the long run. Laying poor quality tiles on the exterior of your home leads to various problems like water seepage, leaks, etc. So, make sure to get high-quality tiles from trusted ceramics tile manufacturers in India.

Wrapping Up

At Decorcera, we pride ourselves on stocking a huge range of outdoor tiles in India. As one of the top ceramics tile manufacturer in India, we help you pick the right tiles best suited for your home renovation project. Whether you’re looking for wall elevation tiles or outdoor flooring tiles, we’ve got the best collection of outdoor tiles at the best prices. Contact us today to get a customised quote just for you!

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