5 Tile Ideas To Revamp Your Bathroom – by Wall Tile Supplier In India

Revamp Your Bathroom

A simple way to spice up your bathroom is to add texture and color to your walls. Tiles are a great way to add that extra touch of personality to your bathroom without breaking the bank. Use tiles to add color, pattern and texture to any room as they can be placed directly on the wall or attached to it. Tiles allow you to add some fun to your bathroom walls if you are looking to create an atmosphere that you would love to look at.

Tiles are of different types and each type is unique; mosaic, terracotta, glazed or unglazed, printed, and many other options are available with tiles. These many options allow you to choose your own design and fit any budget.

At Decorcera, the leading wall tile supplier in India , you can find beautiful tiling ideas that can give your bathroom a new and unique look that is sure to catch the attention of visitors.

We present you with the top 5 tile ideas to revamp your bathroom.

1. Mosaics - They Can Never Go Wrong


Mosaic tiles have been synonymous with bathroom walls for ages. Not just because of their intricate designs but also because of the way they are applied to a wall. You can create stunning designs that are not only eye-catching and attractive, but also have some great aesthetics to them. They let you design your bathroom and create a mood using some of the most gorgeous and intricate designs. Whether you want to go with geometrical patterns, flowers, leaves or something completely abstract, you can fit mosaics into them.

2. Choose Monotone Tiles For A Contemporary Look

 Monotone Tiles

Monotone tiles are the perfect option for bathrooms that are on the modern side, as these tiles won't compete with the bathroom's decor. You can create a modern bathroom with this tile and give it a really sophisticated feel.

The modern bathroom is all about sophistication and elegance. This kind of bathroom does not necessarily want to be too colorful. So, if you want to have an elegant bathroom, tiling it in neutral colors is the best option. They add a soft, subtle touch to any bathroom.

Decorcera, the best wall tile supplier in India, has a great collection of wall tiles that come in both modern and traditional styles and are ideal for any style.

3. Floral Motifs For The Nature Lover

If you want to make a statement in your bathroom, then why not use floral motifs? They add a touch of nature and bring some softness into your bathroom, which is something that is always welcomed.

Floral Motifs are a great way to add a little more flair to your bathroom and add a certain vibe to it. Whether you choose to tile the motifs or just paint them in a bright, cheerful color, floral motifs are sure to add a little more life to the bathroom than plain tiles.

4. Black Or Grey Tiles - For The Urban Dweller

Black Or Grey Tiles

Black and grey are the perfect colors for bathrooms that are on the urban side as they tend to make the bathroom look bigger and brighter. They are also the perfect materials for bathrooms that have a minimalist decor in them and want to make the bathroom look more simple.

If you are looking for a sleek bathroom, then black and grey tiling is the way to go. Black and grey tiles have the ability to make your bathroom look classy and elegant without looking too stark.

Decorcera, the leading wall tile supplier in India, has a great selection of tiles that are perfect for bathrooms.

5. large full body tiles

Installing large full body tiles will make your bathroom look more spacious. Brighter colored tiles will help reflect natural light and keep your bathroom well ventilated. Going with full body tiles for your bathroom adds a splash of color to your bathroom. Whether you go with a bright green, red or a hot yellow, full body tiles will make your bathroom look awesome.

Tiles are a great option for your bathroom walls. You can create a unique look by choosing colors and designs that you would like to incorporate. You can also create some interesting effects by using various materials, such as tiles made of glass, porcelain, ceramic and glass, and other materials. These can range from traditional tiles and mosaics to modern and geometric.

Decorcera, the top wall tile supplier in India, has a variety of wall tiles that you can choose from. Call us or email us today to discuss the many tiles that we can provide for your home.

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