Create a Magical Moon Garden at Home


Relax & Enjoy the Magical Glow of Moonlight in your Moon Garden: Tips to Get Started

Do you love to relax in your garden, but don’t have time during the day? We have an interesting solution for you. Have you considered creating a moon garden? As one of the top garden landscaping decorative pebble stones & aggregates suppliers in India, we recently supplied pebble stones to a client to help him set up a moon garden in his backyard.

In this post, we introduce you our dear readers to a moon garden – what is it and tips to create one. Let’s get started.

What is a moon garden?

A moon garden is a specially planned garden to be enjoyed after dark. The flowers and plants in the garden come alive by the ethereal glow of the moon. It serves as a detox zone in your backyard, where you can unwind from the stresses of your daily life and reconnect with Mother Nature.

With a beautiful moon garden, you can host a sundowner party. These parties are common in East Asian countries like Singapore. Guests gather in a pretty garden at dusk, sip lemonades and relax in the heady aroma of the fragrant blossoms.

Fun Fact: Did you know that moon gardens have been existing in India for centuries? In the early 1500s, Babur, the Mughal Emperor created the Mehtab Bagh (literal translation moon garden). Later this garden became a part of the Taj Mahal complex during the reign of Shah Jahan. He created a moonlit garden across the Yamuna River, where royals could relax and enjoy the beauty of the Taj, in moonlight.

Tips to Create a Moon Garden

  • To create a beautiful lunar garden, include plants with white flowers. White flowers look much better when enjoyed in moonlight. Look for plants with white flowers that bloom throughout the year. Some top choices include jasmine, daisies, lilies, white tulips, magnolias, and white daffodils.
  • Plant flowers that bloom at night. Some flowers like evening primrose not only add a dash of colour to your garden, but also bloom at night. They look their best in the evenings, rewarding you with pretty flowers while you’re enjoying your garden at night.
  • Go for fragrant blossoms. Since, you’ll be enjoying your garden in semi-darkness, make sure that you include fragrant plants with a heady aroma. Flowers like white jasmine, honeysuckles, white wisteria scent the air with their fragrance as the sun sets and night begins to fall.
  • Include plants with bright foliage. Besides flowers, there are plants that attract with their silver and gold-coloured foliage. These plants are a great addition to your moon garden to lend an ethereal glow to the space. Additionally, they require less maintenance than flowering plants. Some plants to consider include gold Hostas, lamb’s ear and the aptly named Moonshadow creeper.
  • Include plenty of pathways and seating. Opt for white pebbles and white pathways to reflect moonlight and add an enchanting glow to your garden. At Decorcera, as the leading garden landscaping decorative pebble stones & aggregates suppliers in India, we have a huge collection of decorative pebbles to line garden pathways. Get in touch with our team to find the right collection of colourful and beautiful pebbles to create your dream lunar garden.
  • Make sure that you plan and plant so that you and your guests can enjoy the scented air from seating areas. Ideally, the bulbs should be near the seating areas with the rest of the plant hidden away from sight.
  • Whether you’re creating a small moon garden on your terrace or balcony, or dedicating a large space for it in your backyard, make sure that the space is away from the polluting lights of streetlamps. Tubelights, vehicle lights and streetlamps interfere with the natural glow of the moonlight shining on your space.
  • Include wind chimes or a trickling water fountain to add soothing sounds to your moon garden.
  • Generally, moon gardens are created on a patio, decked area, or a verandah so that you can step out and enjoy the calm night air, while having a drink or eating dinner.

With a little planning, you can create the best moon garden where you can sit and enjoy the soothing glow of the moon. Whisper your secrets to the moon, smell the sweet fragrance of the flowers and listen to the wind, and watch your stresses and worries melt away.

Hope you enjoyed this gardening post! Stay tuned and follow our blog for more landscaping and garden ideas.

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