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Shaped ceramic and porcelain tiles are the major design trends of this year! While the standard size is the 12” square, there are plenty of other exciting options to choose from. Take a look at some of the new tending tile shapes.

The Top 6 Popular Tile Shapes

Penny Tile

As the name implies, this is a circular tile. Originally introduced at the beginning of the 20th century, in white and black, today the penny tile is making a huge comeback. It’s available in a wide array of colours, patterns, and finishes.

Pros: It’s easy to install and economical. It’s a good option for curved walls and pillars, because of the small size of the individual tiles. Since they are small, they require a bit extra mortar during installation. But, this makes them slip-resistant, making an excellent choice for bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas.

Mosaic Tile

Mosaic tile is one of the oldest forms of tiles and has been used extensively over the centuries. These are small square tiles that are usually around 2”. However, today you can even find tiny mosaic tiles with the dimensions ½” x ½.” They are available in a wide range of stunning colours.

Pros: The small size of the mosaic tiles makes them very versatile. They can be used to create a wide array of designs like murals and borders. Generally, they are used as a border tile to delineate different zones of a room.

Smaller mosaic tiles are used to create stunning mural centerpieces. They have a marked texture, thanks to the prominent grout lines between individual tiles. You can opt for similar coloured grouts to blend it in or go for contrasting grouts to create a bold and bright pattern.

Square Tile

This is the most common tile shape and is available in an array of sizes like – 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, 16”, 18” and 24”. Generally, floor tiles use 6” squares or bigger squares.

Pros: Since square tiles look similar from all sides, they are easy to install, as you don’t have to be bothered with orientation. Similarly, figuring out the number of tiles required is quite easy. You can also mix and match different square tiles to create an interesting pattern.

Subway Tile

This is another classic tile style. Highly popular in the early 20th century, subway tiles were originally used in New York subway stations. Today, they remain popular thanks to their elegance, versatility, and simplicity. Subway tiles are rectangles. The standard dimensions are 1” x 4”, 2” x 6”, 3” x 8” and 4” x 12”.

Plank Tiles

This is another rectangular tile that is becoming more and more popular. Ceramic tiles are printed with wood grain or natural stone textures. This gives the appearance of hardwood or stone floors when you’ve really got tiles on your floor.

Plank tiles are different from subway tiles. They have longer proportions compared to subways tiles.
The standard dimensions of plank tiles are – 4” x 12”, 6” x 24”, 7” x 36” and 8” x 48”.

Pros: If you want a wooden floor, but scared of the maintenance, you can opt for plank tiles. These work well in medium to large spaces, like corridors, hallways, living rooms, etc.

Triangle Tiles

These are new entrants. You can now find tiles in geometric patterns like triangles, hexagons, and even pentagons.

When it comes to triangle tiles, the popular options are – scalene triangles and right triangles. Scalene triangle tiles have three sides of varying lengths. Right triangle tiles have one side that has a 90-degree angle.

Pros: Triangle tiles make for some fun, unique patterns. Generally, they work well for small spaces that require highlighting like kitchen or bathroom backsplashes.

The Emergence of New Tile Shapes

As more and more homeowners prefer tiles, tile designers are coming up with new interesting patterns and shapes. All these create a unique interior space. To check out, the latest styles of Ceramic and porcelain tiles in India drop in a mail at pm@decorcera.com and get our extensive product catalogue for free.

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