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Though not often in the spotlight as walls, floors are an essential component of your interior design. And, with so many choices for flooring materials like polished glazed Vitrified Tile Suppliers in Morbi, India natural stone flooring and more, how do you ensure that you choose the right one? Here, in this guide, we introduce you to a new-age flooring material that is quite trending – high definition porcelain tiles.

What is it?

Porcelain tiles have been used for decades for flooring – for both the interiors and exteriors. With the advent of high-definition printing, porcelain tiles are now available in a wide range of designs and colours, that wasn’t possible earlier.

High definition porcelain (HDP) tiles are the result of years of research in the field of flooring tiles. HDP tiles are digital printed, thereby allowing for a greater variety of patterns, colours and textures. When compared with standard porcelain tiles, high definition porcelain tiles provide a higher-quality look.

Earlier, one of the biggest complaints regarding the aesthetics of porcelain tiles was that patterns were repetitive, and the overall look was grainy and dotty. HDP tiles overcome this drawback as the colours and ink are sprayed using high definition printing technology. Hence, HDP tiles give a seamless, natural appearance.

Large porcelain tiles resemble slate and give the warmth of the natural stone. Since HDP tiles are printed in one go, it improves the consistency between the edge pieces and the centres of the tiles, thereby giving a seamless finish.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Porcelain Tiles for your Home’s flooring:

1. Mimic the look of other natural materials

Thanks to the improvements in digital ink technology, tile manufacturers can now print porcelain tiles in a variety of looks like – stone, cement, fabric, wood and more. Besides replicating the patterns of natural materials, high definition porcelain tiles can also replicate the texture of these natural materials, thanks to three-dimensional printing technology.

Thus, you can replicate the look of expensive natural materials like – wood and stone – at a fraction of the cost with high definition porcelain tiles.

2. Larger Format Tiles

Thanks to high definition printing technology, porcelain tiles today can be manufactured in larger lengths and sizes. Large-format porcelain tiles resemble natural stone slabs as there are minimal edges and grouts.

Today, porcelain tiles are available in sizes ranging up to 72 inches and even more. Additionally, the size of porcelain tiles can be customised to imitate natural stone or wood flooring accurately.

3. Chips and Cracks are not easily noticeable

In high definition porcelain tiles, the colours are not just printed on the surface but run deep. This means, even if the surface of the flooring were to be chipped; it is not easily noticeable. Porcelain tiles are scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, mould-resistant, fire-resistant, making them an ideal option for homes that see plenty of footfall.

Porcelain tiles are harder than several natural stones, including granite. But, the costs of porcelain tiles are significantly lower than natural stone making them a pocket-friendly option.

4. Porcelain Tiles are Stronger than Ceramic Tiles

Very often, porcelain tiles are confused with ceramic tiles, since both are made from clay. However, both are entirely different products. Porcelain tiles are made using a fine, dense clay and are fired at high temperatures. Hence, the resulting product is less porous and hard. Also, it doesn't stain easily. Porcelain tiles can be used for both the interiors and exteriors of the house. In contrast, ceramic tiles are best suited for indoors.

5. Easy Maintenance

When compared with other flooring options like wood, natural stone, porcelain tiles are low maintenance. It is ideal for high traffic areas of the home and is an excellent flooring material for homes that have pets and small children. It can be easily cleaned with regular household cleaning materials, a soft mop and water.

6. Eco-friendly

Porcelain tiles are eco-friendly. It’s made using recycled clay. Also, since it has a long life, it doesn’t require frequent replacement.

If you would like to bulk order high definition porcelain tiles for your home, get in touch with Décor Cera, leading ceramic and porcelain tiles suppliers in Morbi, India. Get in touch with our tile experts to find the best tiles for your home at the most competitive prices.

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