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11 Stylish Ways to Embrace the Beauty of Patterned Tiles in Your Home

For years, home interiors have been dominated by neutral and solid coloured tiles. This year, patterned tiles are making a huge comeback, and it looks like they are here to stay.

Using patterned porcelain tiles Suppliers in Morbi India is not a new trend. Just a couple of decades back, patterned tiles were all the rage, and they were an effective solution for adding personality and character to your rooms.

Today, patterned tiles have undergone a major facelift. They are no longer the bland and boring choices of yesteryears. With artistic designs, geometric patterns and vibrant contemporary colours, patterned tiles make for great focal points for both small and big rooms. Not just for your floors, here we share with you 11 surprising ways to use patterned tiles in your home.

1. Add in a Patterned Kitchen Backsplash


Instead, of the basic white subway tiles, you can opt for bold ceramic tiles in vibrant patterns for your kitchen backsplash. Using patterned tiles is a great way to add colour in a neutral kitchen.

2. Spruce Up Your Kitchen Island


Apart from using patterns for the kitchen backsplash, you can breathe some colour into your kitchen by lining the sides of your kitchen island with patterned tiles. Most modern kitchens are sleek but without any personality. By using patterned polished glazed vitrified tiles in India , you can add character to your cooking space in your kitchens.

3. Tiles that Complement your Kitchen Cabinets


Another excellent way to use patterned tiles in your kitchen is by lining the walls of your kitchen with patterns that complement the colour of your modular kitchen cabinets.

4. Accent your Stairs with Tiled Raisers


Raisers are the vertical space that is visible between one step and the next. Instead of keeping it in the same colour as the rest of your stairs, you can use patterned tiles to showcase your stairs in a whole new way. And, if you are not confident using patterned tiles for an entire room, this is a great way to use them without making it feel overwhelming.

5. Create a Focal Wall in your Bathroom


Make your bathroom feel unique and fresh by creating a focal wall behind the mirror. Since you will require tiles only for the top half of the wall; you can create a striking design without spending much. Make sure to keep the rest of the bathroom subtle and neutral to shine the spotlight on your focal wall.

6. Pattern an Overlooked Room


Small utility rooms like the laundry room, mud room are often overlooked. Breathe fresh life into these spaces by patterning the floors in vibrant designs and bright colours.

7. Update the Wall behind your TV


Flat wall-mounted TVs are indeed the focal point of contemporary living rooms. Now, make the most out of it by lining the wall behind your TV with patterns. Choose the colour of the pattern to match the rest of the space.

8. Make a Statement with your Bar


One latest trend is including bar counters in dining rooms. Having a bar counter is quite handy, especially when you are entertaining. Now, spruce up your bar counter by patterning it. This is a great way to infuse warmth to your dining rooms.

9. Use Patterns to Demarcate Spaces in an Open-floor Plan


Most apartments have open floor plans. That is the dining room extends right from the living room, followed by the kitchen behind it. Instead, of using space-occupying dividers to demarcate spaces, you can use different patterned tiles for various spaces. For example, use bohemian patterns for the dining room and wood-patterned tiles for the kitchen and so on.

10. Pattern the Landing on Your Stairs


You probably wouldn’t have considered the tiny landing on your stairs as worth decorating. Now, you can add a visual appeal to this tiny, overlooked space by using patterned tiles here.

11. Pattern a Portion of the Room


If using patterned tiles for the entire living room floors feels too much for your minimalist aesthetics, you can consider tiling just a portion of the floors. This way, you can add character to your rooms, without disturbing the rest of your aesthetics.

Patterned Tiles are Here to Stay

The best part about using patterned tiles is that they are pocket-friendly and help you add personality to living spaces. And, even if you get tired of the patterned tiles years down the line, you can easily replace it with other tile patterns.

Get in touch with us, here at Décorcera, porcelain and ceramic tiles manufacturers in Indiato choose your preferred patterned tiles in your favourite colours.

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